Video Marketing on Twitter

Twitter now allows you to embed and view video’s directly on to your twitter page. No more redirects to other 3rd party sites. Twitter has established partnerships for video streaming with YouTube, Vimeo, TwitVid, Flickr, Justin.TV, DeviantART, and others. Search engines are ranking video quite highly in organic search results, and often video you will ‘real time’ search result – which is what the search engines value greatly. Twitter explains that video is not an open invitation to flood your followers with video content. Community engagement, re-tweets, posting articles, pics, and now video will altogether ensure a successful twitter marketing strategy. Remember to keep the message short, sweet and to the point. Creating videos for twitter is all about creating a condensed version of the full length video, enticing them to navigate to your site. Web Video Solutions is now actively incorporating this strategy into its marketing efforts. Hope you all got some thing out of this and if you have any further questions regarding video marketing on Twitter, feel free to contact us anytime.