Live Web Video Streaming

Web Video Solutions San Diego is now offering Live video streaming services for businesses that might want an event broadcast live as it happens via the internet. This is an exciting new interactive way to advertise and showcase events to the public.

Our Single High Definition camera streaming package allows you to stream live footage straight to your venues website, FaceBook, MySpace, and mobile devices, as the action unfolds.
During the live web stream we are able to insert advertisements for upcoming events, information on booking VIP tables, and other relevant information about the club or venue. Pre-produced commercial video fliers and video clips can be mixed into the live stream as well if provided by the client.

Our service also allows users to chat amongst them selves and with the moderator of the event creating a dynamic viewing experience and further enticing prospective club/event goers to attend future events.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what video is worth. Video dose what still photos cannot. Video stimulates viewers though not only sight but also motion and sound.

With Live Video the stimulation continues, with viewers being able to interact with the moderator via desktop, laptop, and mobile phones. Applications are available for free download for most web enabled smart phones, allowing user to view event and chat straight from their mobile device.Viewers can also broadcast video shoot straight from their phone, which can be mixed in to the live feed or saved and categorized into the video library. Photos can also be shot and sent to the moderator straight from club goers phones and immediately uploaded into the photo library of the player

The interactive live web-streaming player allows for easy navigation and instant access to live video stream, photo galleries, video galleries, and audio playlists all from a single player embedded into website and social media networks. User can access the content from one of two ways. Either by using the icon buttons or by clicking on menu button in the middle of toolbar and choosing desired content.
What the Package includes:

• Streaming video network setup (one time fee)
• Player implementation
• Up to four hours of live video streaming
• Two adds for insertion
• Scrolling message of your choice at bottom of video screen
• One videographer
• One moderator
• Three custom designed buttons for app downloads, and join links
• One hour of recorded RAW HD footage which can be edited.
• Several minutes of key moments recorded straight from live feed and saved instantly to video library.