How Videos Help Convert Sales

We all love to watch online videos whether we are getting lost in the abyssal trenches of YouTube, watching funny viral videos, or something inspirational on a friend’s facebook page. The truth is more and more people are paying attention to videos they find on the Internet, and its not just cute cat videos anymore. With the increase of handheld electronic devices, people are able to have the Internet in the palms of their hands virtually anywhere and businesses are starting to take note. However when you come across videos that promote services and products for small businesses, it may cause you to wonder what are the benefits of creating these types of marketing videos? Is it really worth the production costs for a small business to produce high quality videos? The answer is yes,

By creating web-based video content, small businesses are allowing themselves to be more engaged with their customers. They can introduce their brand with a great PR video and tell the public why they do what they do. Small businesses can show detailed explanations of their services and products, and also give detailed informative how-to guides on how their products work. All of this will leave a positive impression on their consumers, and cause them to view the company as more trustworthy. By using web based video content as a marketing tool, businesses are not only enabling themselves to reach new consumers, they are also increasing consumer satisfaction and building their brand value. A recent survey of U.S. consumers by Animoto, shows us that 96% of consumers found videos helpful when making purchasing decisions online and that 73% of U.S. adults are more likely to make a purchase after watching an online video that explains the product or service. This is extremely exciting for small businesses to have such a powerful tool at their disposal. Especially since, “consumer Internet video traffic will be 69% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017” (Cisco Visual Networking Index). Meaning that online video content is directly affecting consumers purchasing decisions, and will become a fundamental part of any successful online marketing campaign. As more and more businesses start to recognize this trend, you will see a rise in online video content. Online consumers want to trust in a company and video has become the most effective tool for a small business to develop a relationship with their online consumers.