How Lawyers are Leverageing Online Video Marketing

The power of online video marketing is continuing to grow as a useful tool not only for merchants and consumers, law practices are now leveraging video as a powerful online marketing tool as well. By engaging in online video marketing law firms are strengthening their traditional search engine optimization efforts, driving traffic to their web sites and generating a surge in better informed and more qualified clients. and Web Video Solutions has helped many law firms across the United States capitalize on the growing opportunity of online video marketing. The videos feature lawyers in the firms discussing their areas of expertise while demonstrating the style and approach of their practices.

Injury Utah, Fabian, Attorneys at Law is one of the many law practices that Web Video Solutions has helped with online video marketing. By creating a series of videos, IInjury Utah, Fabian, Attorneys at Law were able to provide short detailed descriptions about their practice and the areas of law they specialize in. This has been a very beneficial tool for the practice by allowing their potential clients a chance to identify with the practice, and alleviate the intimidating factor of the choosing a law firm.

“Lawyers are increasingly embracing new ways to differentiate themselves and attract new business while consumers and small business professionals are eager to learn more about a lawyer or firm’s philosophy and demeanor prior to hiring the firm,” said Sharon Lubrano, vice president, for LexisNexis. Web Video Solutions creates high-quality videos that allow attorneys to convey their individual style and approach through an easily accessible new medium. Which gives law firms the opportunity to demonstrate their individual approach and what sets them apart from their competitors. Allowing the clients to make an informed decision when it comes to which practice they want to be represented by. By providing a series of short informative videos, potential clients have a chance to see what kind of lawyers they will be working with. They can also get some important pointers on how to proceed with medical malpractice cases simply by watching Injury Utah, Fabian, Attorneys at Law videos. By learning how to avoid common early mistakes in medical malpractice cases, clients trust the attorneys of Injury Utah before they even walk through the door.

Online video is also beneficial for better SEO placement and building a stronger web presence. By posting multiple videos across video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, practices are increasing their potential to reach new clients. Which in turn helps their website rank higher in web searches. This is one of the strongest aspects that video marketing has to offer. There are virtually thousands of law practices across the Internet, and video SEO helps individual practices stand out from their competitors when it comes to web searches. The content is important, as illustrated above, but it is meaningless if no one ever sees it. When viewers find the videos on YouTube, they are directly linked to the law practice’s website which is filled with more information and more videos. By providing detailed information and videos on a website, law practices are getting people on their site and keeping them there longer. With high conversion rates, better SEO placement, and a stronger web presence it is hard to ignore the benefits of online video marketing.