Doubling Product Sales Using Online Video

Video shows consumers you are willing to show your product in a multi-dimensional format. You trust in the quality of your product and are willing to demonstrate that to your potential consumers and business partners. “The amazing thing about video is that it builds customer confidence and conversion rates whether it is watched or not,” says Mark Robertson, Founder and Publisher of, “Just by adding product videos to your site, whether they are watched or not, will help move products.” So even if a consumer doesn’t watch the video, they still see you are investing in your site and providing the best possible user experience. Causing your site to be viewed as more reliable and increase consumer confidence.

The benefits of product videos apply to business-to-business sales as well. Some people have doubts when it comes to using video to market their brand to retailers and other businesses. However, according to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch video that read text. The following video explains the value and exposure video marketing can provide businesses.

Web Video Solutions recently produced a series of videos for a new start up company Up Do Secret. With a strategic marketing plan, Up Do Secret is able to reach potential consumers and retailers with their video series consisting of a web commercial, lifestyle, B2B, and multiple products demo videos. With this well produced video series, Up Do Secret can market themselves across multiple platforms of social media, email blasts, trade shows, presentations, and video-sharing networks. Which will all drive traffic to their website and help increase their conversion rates. The best part of online video content is that it will not decrease in value or expire. “Traditional printed collateral has to be continually physically re-produced, and at the end of the day it will always inevitably end up in the trash somewhere. Not only is video free over the long term, but it actually continues to work for you.” Says Adam Levy, President of LDRK Media. “A good video that has driven online engagement and built audience and credibility on a site like you tube gives lasting, long term exposure benefits.” As you can see in this Up Do Secret commercial, well produced video content is a timeless investment that continues allows businesses to market themselves to consumers and retailers alike.